Vanguard Invest S.A.


Vanguard Invest

Founded in 2003 and turned over a new leaf in 2014, Vanguard Invest has been able to establish itself as one of Luxembourg's most modern, privately held real estate investment company.

Vanguard Invest recognized and successfully reacted to a clear market trend. With the attachment of great importance to detail, long-term perspectives, trend research and investment optimization, Vanguard Invest is a reliable fund manager specializing in acquisitions and development of commercial real estate, with selection of international gateway cities in Central Eastern European markets.

Vanguard Invest pursues a vast range of real estate investments that offer opportunities for highly attractive risk-adjusted returns, whether through its private equity funds, direct investment or co-investment with joint venture partners. We are delivering prudent management, co-investment partners who apply their proven hands-on operating expertise to each investment.

Luxembourg tradition and values are at the core of our vision. As the investment fund with the center in Europe, Luxembourg enjoys high rankings of excellence in a number of fields. Our dedication to superlative performance, coupled with flexibility, mirrors the country's standing as one of the most competitive and innovative in the world.

As beneficiaries of Vanguard Invest structured real estate investment products and services our clients can profit from our efforts and constant search for innovative and sustainable real estate investment strategies.