Vanguard Invest S.A.

Our values


  • Stability

    We attach great importance to capital preservation and sustainable growth as well as efficient portfolio diversification ensuring stable cash flow and constant capital gains. We focus on national and economic relevance, strategic location and careful selection of tenants. A determination to seek out the highest standards and energy efficiency, paired with a high level of professionalism and expertise, guarantee long-term success with stable and solid capital performance.

  • Performance

    The slim structure of Vanguard Invest allows for a short-term decision-making that subsequently provides a high level of flexibility. This gives Vanguard Invest a clear advantage over larger institutions regarding opportunistic investments in an ever-changing market.

  • Safety

    Our investment philosophy is to provide safety through investments in real values, with a clear focus on sustainable solutions for the investor as well as the occupant.

  • Tradition

    Luxembourg traditions and values are at the core of our vision. As the largest investment fund center in Europe, Luxembourg enjoys a position of, and reputation for, excellence in a number of fields. Our dedication to superlative performance, coupled with flexibility, mirrors the country’s standing as one of the most competitive and innovative countries in the world.

  • Sustainability

    With every new project Vanguard Invest renews its commitments to sustainability. Our teams constantly strive to improve energy efficiency, control operating costs together with priorities of environmental criteria.Vanguard Invest is conscious of its impact on the urban environment and the community. We attach great importance to architectural standards, high-quality finishes and sustainable building methods. We only select partners who share these same values.

  • Integrity

    Vanguard Invest was founded to endure. Our highly experienced investment team, whose members share a common vision, ensures sustainable growth. Impeccable behavior, professionalism and respect for the environment – these are all virtues that we demand both of ourselves and of our partners. These are the values that helped Luxembourg establish itself as a center of excellence.